Owning Your Feminine Power

Has the feminine movement actually worked against us in some ways. What if you could be a powerful woman leader without depending so much on your masculine energy? What if accessing more of your feminine energy is much more powerful and will help you be an even more effective leader, while creating a better relationship

The Power of Faith

What if you could be 10 times more powerful? What would you be able to accomplish? How would learning how to access that level of power be valuable to you?

Is Fear Killing Your Dreams?

Are you living your life with no regrets, really going for what you want? Or are you letting fear rob you of your dreams? What if you knew you couldn’t fail and you really went for it? Who could you become? What difference could you make?

Finding the Right Person

Are you looking for a spouse, friend, new team member, or client? What if you could find the right person, what would that do for you? Joy shares a quick three step process to get you on track for finding the person you are looking for.

Transform Your Most Challenging Relationships-Part 2

We continue focusing on the one shift that can help you step into your power and transform your relationships with yourself, your partner, family, friends or co-workers. This one shift will help you experience less frustration, anger and hurt. Instead you can feel more love, peace and happiness.

Transform Your Most Challenging Relationships

What if you could make one shift that could help you step into your power and transform your relationships. Where you use to feel frustrated, angry or hurt, you can start experiencing more peace and love.

Are You Killing Your Relationship?

Find out the three most common ways people destroy their relationships, and how to ensure you create a long-lasting, more loving relationship. What would it mean to you to have an amazing relationship?

Keys to Lasting Joy

Isn’t life too short to waste any more time suffering. Joy shares two keys that can help you consistently experience more joy no matter what challenges are occuring in your life right now.

Stop Anxiety

What would your life be like if you could stop feeling anxious and feel more love, joy, and peace instead? Today Joy will take you through a powerful process that will help end your anxiety, leaving you feeling more confident instead.

When Your Past Haunts You

Do you still suffer from past experiences when you were hurt by others or feel shame for mistakes you made in the past? Today learn how you can get free from your past, so you can be happier.

Making One of the Most Important Decisions of Your Life

Most people make this decision unconsciously and it causes them much suffering. Today make a decision that will have a huge impact on your fulfillment and the impact you will make.

More Abundance

Start discovering how to access a more abundant flow of prosperity, energy, and happiness. If your struggling to experience abundance in an area of your life, listen to discover what is blocking you. Then you can have a consistent flow of abundance in your life.

Finding Everlasting Happiness And Joy

Many spiritual masters have demonstrated that it is possible to experience everlasting happiness and joy. What if you could learn how to experience this too? Learn the secrets of the masters to bring more happiness and joy into your life.

Out Of Victim Into Power

Discover and eliminate the ways you are weakening yourself and holding yourself back by playing victim. Instead learn how to access your super hero or heroine inside to access your power and create more success in your life.

Stress And Suffering Are Optional

Even if you are facing great challenges, you don’t have to experience stress, fear or suffering. There are more powerful, resourceful and better ways to feel as you address life’s biggest challenges. You can begin this shift right away.

How To Meditate

If you have been considering starting to meditate, but are not sure how to get started, you will learn a simple way to get started today. Then you can gain many of the benefits of meditating including: greater peace, focus, calm, patience and connection with God.

The Power of Love and Forgiveness in Healing Relationships

Are there important relationships in your life where you are feeling anger, resentment, frustration or judgement? What if you could feel peace instead? Learn a powerful method for transforming even the most difficult relationships.

Three Keys To Resolving Conflicts

Did you know one of the biggest predictors of successful long term relationships is the ability to resolve conflicts? If your tendency is to avoid challenges or fight your way out of problems, discover some keys to resolving conflicts.

How To Create Intimate Loving Relationships That Last

Do you desire a deeply, loving intimate relationship that lasts. Have you felt frustrated, not appreciated, unhappy in an intimate relationship. Learn how to experience more love and happiness in your intimate relationships.

Experience God’s Love

Do you sometimes feel alone and unloved, even if you are in an intimate relationship? When you learn how to feel connected to God, opening up to His love, you have a source for unconditional love. Learn how to access God’s love and wisdom today.

Loving Yourself

Can you be your own worst critic? Take a look at how that critical voice can be impacting your success. Learn some powerful new habits to start loving yourself more, which is the foundation for more loving intimate relationships.

Creating The Best Strategic Plans

Learn Joy’s Super Simple Success Plan, the 5 step process for achieving any goal. If you feel frustrated because you are not getting the results you want in your life or overwhelmed by your ‘to do list’, you will love Joy’s Super Simple Success Plan. It’s easy, effective, and keeps you motivated to reach your

Accessing God’s Guidance

Are you struggling with an issue in your life, trying to decide what the next best step is for you? Whether you are making a career or business move, making decisions on the next steps in a relationship, how to handle a health issue, or struggling with your finances, you can make the best decisions

How To Make Great Decisions, A Big Key To Your Success

You will learn an easy effective strategy for making important decisions that can be critical for your success. Making great decisions has a huge impact on the quality of your life, so it is a skill worth mastering.

Your Ultimate Success Formula

Is there an area of your life where you would like to be achieving more success, but you’re struggling to make it happen? Are you procrastinating, frustrated, or feeling stressed? Today’s show will be exceptionally valuable as you discover “Your Ultimate Success Formula”.

A Powerful Tool For Resolving Conflict

If you’re experiencing conflict with coworkers, a boss, relative, spouse or friend, today’s powerful tool will give you amazing insights to better understand what is causing the conflict. Then you can come up with a more effective solution.

Joy To The World!

Once you are filled with joy, you can send it out to the world and make a huge impact. Access the power of joy to help end war, greed, violence and hatred. Let’s start a joy revolution!


One of the secrets to experiencing more joy is to be more connected with other people and God. When you’re feeling separated, you can feel cut off from joy. Get clear how to be more connected and joyous.


To be filled with joy, what a gift. What if you could let go of anything that does not fill you with joy. If you stacked one day after another with joy, how would you be able to impact the people around you? Listen to today’s podcast to learn how to be more joyful.

The Power Of Starting With Joy

Learn how to start your day with joy, so you can feel and be your best all day! When you are experiencing the biggest challenges, discover how to find the joy inside and use it to guide you through the challenges.

Choosing Joy!

Would you like to experience more joy in your life? Listen in this week so every day you can feel more joy. Learn how to connect to joy even when you are experiencing challenges in your life.

How Difficulties Can Be A Blessing

Hear the story of an inspiring man, who overcame difficulties in his life and went on to be very successful. Then get inspired by a woman Ironman with hearing and visual disabilities.

Find Your Hero or Heroine

Is it time to show up as a hero or heroine in your own life? Get the courage to face the truth, access your strength and conquer your biggest challenge.

Are You Stressed?

Discover what really causes stress and how to turn it around. Maybe you are thinking you should be in a different place in your finances, career, health or relationships. Or you think someone in your life should be showing up differently. Learn how to turn this around and find more peace.

Feel Like Your World Has Turned Upside Down?

If your dealing with a major life challenge like divorce, death, disease, financial challenges, job loss or health issue your not alone. Get insights and support on how to best navigate through the most challenging times.

Eliminating Self Doubt

Ever enter a room at a networking event, seminar, workplace, or mastermind and suddenly start doubting yourself? Do you question whether you really belong? Are there parts of you that you are afraid to share? Joy will guide you on how to overcome self doubt and feel more comfortable in any situation.

Secret #3 To More Loving Relationships

Get free of anger, fear, and frustration. Experience lasting happiness, peace, and love in your intimate relationships.

Secret #2 To More Loving Relationships

Use this secret to create more committed, loving long term relationships, and feel more love and accepted for who you are.

Secret #1 To Building More Loving Relationships

Do you desire to have a more deeply loving relationship with your spouse, but struggle trying to figure out how? Do you sometimes feel distant from your partner because you’re frequently fighting or experiencing tense silence? Listen today to discover how to build a new relationship or deepen a current one, so you can experience

Building Your Confidence To Create Amazing Relationships

Get confident that you can build the relationships you really want with your partner, children, friends, and colleagues.

Create Great Relationships This Year

Be confident in your ability to create relationships with more love, joy, fun, passion, connection, trust, and stability.

How to Create Happy Environments

Explore some ways to create environments around you that support you in feeling happy.

3 Key Strategies To Be Happier Now

Joy shares 3 simple effective strategies that can help you feel happy most of the time.

How To Make It Easy To Be Happy

Have you been working hard to be better, more successful, find the right job, have a great marriage, be the best parent, create financial security and are left feeling worn out, stressed, and like you are not good enough. What if you could be feel happier now?

How To Choose Happiness Now

How much longer are you willing to put off your happiness? Joy shares one of the quickest ways to feel more happiness.

How To Really Have A Happy New Year!

What if you could be much more successful if you focused on being happy first, instead of waiting until you reached your goals?

Creating A Year Filled With Motivation And Passion For Life

How to create a really happy new year as you tap into your motivation and passion in 2016!

What Needs to Die in You?

In order to create the 2016 you desire, what do you need to let go of now?

How To Grow Your Relationship With God

How to open up and experience greater connection and closeness with God.

Experience More Peace

This is a powerful time of year for experiencing more peace. Learn how to access greater peace in your life.

Experience More Love

As John Lennon said, ” All You Need is Love”. Learn how you can feel more loved and loving.

Finding Strength in Adversity

When the greatest challenges come up like the loss of a loved one, illness, financial challenges, or the loss of a job, learn how you can use the challenges to strengthen you instead of letting them derail you.

Coping With Death During the Holidays

How to honor the dead during the holidays and still be open to the love, joy, and peace of the season.

Death-From Pain to Peace

How to move through the grief from the loss of a loved one and find peace.

Death-Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One

Strategies to help yourself and others cope with the loss of a loved one, so it doesn’t become destructive.

Effectively Influence and Lead Others

Discover how you can more effectively lead your kids, spouse or team, so you can have a bigger impact.

Influence Yourself To Stop Harmful “Addictive” Behaviors

Get the strategies you need to stop harmful addictive behaviors like smoking, drinking, and overeating.

How To Influence Yourself To Make Changes-Part 2

Control your destiny by learning how to influence yourself to consistently take actions that will help you reach your goals.

How To Influence Yourself To Make Changes-Part 1

Discover how to get yourself to take the critical actions to create your success.

Develop The Power To Influence Yourself and Others

Having the power to influence yourself and others is critical to your success. Join me this week to learn key strategies to master influence.

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet! -Part 5

Time to breakthrough what’s been holding you back and start having some fun!

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet-Part 4

What ‘s really stopping you from already creating the life and business your really want?

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet-Part 3

Discover how you can be part of the 5% who actually achieve their goals, instead of the 95% that give up.

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet-Part 2

Today get very clear about what is most important for you to create in your life over the next year.

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet! – Part 1

Now is the time to prepare to make this be your best year yet! Join Joy this week as she guides you through a process to prepare for an incredible year!

How Gratitude Can Lead To A Flood Of Abundance

Would you like to experience more abundance in one or more areas of your life? Discover how gratitude can help you gain access to greater abundance.

The Healing Powers of Gratitude

Are you, or someone you know, facing health challenges? Discover how gratitude can play a powerful part in healing.

How Gratitude Can Heal Relationships

During the holidays we tend to spend more time with family and friends. Are there some people you are not looking forward to seeing? Joy shares a powerful exercise to transform the pain, hurt, anger and frustration you may be feeling in some relationships.

How to Feel More Peace and Get More Rest

Do you find yourself having a hard time getting enough sleep? If you felt more consistently peaceful, how would that impact your energy and sleep?

More Joy, Love, and Happiness-Less Stress, Anxiousness, and Frustration

What if you could reduce your struggles, stress, and frustrations? What if most the time you could feel joy, love, and happiness?

More Laughter and Fun

Are you taking life a little to seriously? Join us today to explore ways to bring more laughter and fun back in your life.

Are You Making Time For Yourself?

Are you taking care of everyone else, but leaving yourself out? Discover how to fill yourself up, which will give you the connection, love, and happiness you desire.

How To Feel More Energized

Feel tired, worn down, stretched in a million directions? The added demands of the holidays could wear you out, unless you learn how to access your sources of energy.

Less Stress, More Peace

Feeling a lot of stress because you believe a lot of things and people in your life should be different? Learn how to stop struggling and experience greater peace instead.

From Stressed to Success

Is fear of the future or feeling like a failure slowing you down? Tune in today to discover how to quickly feel and be more successful!

Transform Stress Into Certainty

Often people feel stressed, because they feel too much uncertainty in that area of their life. Learn how you can feel greater certainty fast.

The Fastest Way to Stress Relief

Tired of the exhaustion, pain, and strain from stress? Joy shares one of the fastest ways to reduce stress.

The Truth About Stress

Get some greater insights and awareness about stress. Also, find out the “Good News” about stress.

Create an Environment That Supports You

How to set yourself up for sustainable success by putting the people, places, and things in place to support you.

It’s Time to Experience Standing in Your Power

How to eliminate self doubt and experience the confidence you really desire, so you can have the relationships, health, and success you really want.

What Prevents You From Standing in Your Power

How to identify what is really stopping you from being great and overcome it, so you can have a life you love.

Get Committed to Standing in Your Power

Tired of dabbling in your life. Get ready to step up and create the life and business success you really desire.

The Key to Being Your Best

Joy reveals the biggest key to having the success you want in your relationships, health, or business.

Living Into Your Authentic Self

Get greater clarity on your life purpose. It’s time to live consciously and get very clear on who you are meant to serve. This is where all the joy and fulfillment in life comes from.

Discovering Your Authentic Self

Get clarity on who you really are. Begin discovering answers to one of life’s most important questions you can ask yourself-Who am I?

Transforming Into the Authentic Self

Joy shares a powerful poem she wrote that describes her own transformation into the authentic self, and provides tips for accessing the authentic self in you.

Eliminate the Two Thieves-The Pleaser and The Victim

When you are in your authentic self, you are magnificent, powerful, attractive. Understand how being a pleaser or a victim will take you out of your authentic self and how to transform this within yourself.