Owning Your Feminine Power

Has the feminine movement actually worked against us in some ways. What if you could be a powerful woman leader without depending so much on your masculine energy? What if accessing more of your feminine energy is much more powerful and will help you be an even more effective leader, while creating a better relationship

The Power of Faith

What if you could be 10 times more powerful? What would you be able to accomplish? How would learning how to access that level of power be valuable to you?

Is Fear Killing Your Dreams?

Are you living your life with no regrets, really going for what you want? Or are you letting fear rob you of your dreams? What if you knew you couldn’t fail and you really went for it? Who could you become? What difference could you make?

Finding the Right Person

Are you looking for a spouse, friend, new team member, or client? What if you could find the right person, what would that do for you? Joy shares a quick three step process to get you on track for finding the person you are looking for.

Transform Your Most Challenging Relationships-Part 2

We continue focusing on the one shift that can help you step into your power and transform your relationships with yourself, your partner, family, friends or co-workers. This one shift will help you experience less frustration, anger and hurt. Instead you can feel more love, peace and happiness.

Transform Your Most Challenging Relationships

What if you could make one shift that could help you step into your power and transform your relationships. Where you use to feel frustrated, angry or hurt, you can start experiencing more peace and love.

Keys to Lasting Joy

Isn’t life too short to waste any more time suffering. Joy shares two keys that can help you consistently experience more joy no matter what challenges are occuring in your life right now.

When Your Past Haunts You

Do you still suffer from past experiences when you were hurt by others or feel shame for mistakes you made in the past? Today learn how you can get free from your past, so you can be happier.

Making One of the Most Important Decisions of Your Life

Most people make this decision unconsciously and it causes them much suffering. Today make a decision that will have a huge impact on your fulfillment and the impact you will make.

How To Meditate

If you have been considering starting to meditate, but are not sure how to get started, you will learn a simple way to get started today. Then you can gain many of the benefits of meditating including: greater peace, focus, calm, patience and connection with God.