Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories

Stories to inspire you to find your own heroine/hero and overcome your challenges

My Story

Overcoming financial challenges

On September 24th, 2008, my husband and I were so excited.  We went out to dinner to celebrate what we thought was going to be our best year yet.  We had just finished raising over 20 million in investor money, and we were looking forward to a big commission check within the next 30 days. We were feeling successful and dreaming about getting a house on a lake, having the money to send our kids to college, taking amazing trips.

But that all changed in the next two weeks when the markets tumbled, our big commission check never came, we were suddenly upside down $30,000 from marketing expenses,  and out of business.  We had no income to support our family of 4.

Then it got worse…  We quickly went through our savings, and we started borrowing more to pay our basic expenses.  One business after another turns to dust

We started working with a friend who had a “brilliant” idea to get our investors to purchase discounted distressed properties through a bank he had a connection with. We got to work on the idea, and then the bank went under. Our debt continued to mount…

In 2009, we find a developer that was willing to give us a cash advance, if we helped him get some investors. Ahh…we could breath. We had money coming in. However, within a few months, we saw several “red flags” that showed us this developer could not be trusted.  We had to leave.

We got involved in an MLM, multi level marketing company, which sold some great health products.
With our sales and marketing skills, we quickly became leaders in the company. We thought we were on track again. Then the FDA came in and shut their production down for 12 months, so once again our business crumbles.

We knew we were in major financial trouble now, because we were getting cash advances on one credit card to pay the other credit cards minimum balances and our mortgage. We loved our home, but we knew we had to put it up for a sale at $100,000 below what we paid for it. It was priced right for sale, and we sold it quickly.  It was a relief to not have a monthly mortgage, but we lost all the money we had invested in the home.

Then we had a bigger challenge, where could we live now. Our relatives didn’t have the space for the four of us. We looked for rental property in my daughter’s school district, and the places available that we could afford were so depressing.  Ten days before we had to move, I dropped my son off at preschool.  As I drove off I broke down and cried, two blocks away I had to pull the car off to the side of the road.  I was afraid-What was going to happen to our family? Would we have to split up? My daughter was starting her junior year at high school and all her friends were starting to look at colleges, how would we ever be able to afford that?

Several times over the past few months, when I could see no other options, a part of me wondered if committing suicide to get the insurance money for the family was the best option.  I was able to get through those moments of despair by focusing on future key events I didn’t  want to miss and how hard it would be on the people I cared about if I wasn’t there (e.g. my daughter’s graduation, my son’s baseball games, being with my husband).

So as I sat in my car, I took a breath and prayed for assistance and guidance.  I opened my eyes, looked up, and saw a for rent sign.  I had seen the sign before, but had dismissed it as much larger house than we needed or could afford. Besides, it was outside my daughter’s school district. However, after praying, I had this sense inside that I should call.

The landlord answered and began asking a lot of questions to determine what we needed and could afford. She had a house in the area we really wanted to be in, that had just come available.  I arranged to meet her that night to see the house.

When I arrived, I was shocked to see a house on a little lake. I started to believe again that dreams can come true.  The home was much nicer than anything else we had seen. The landlord liked us and agreed to rent the house for $600 less a month than she ever had before, as long as we didn’t tell the neighbor  next door, who was paying her $600 more a month for a similar house.

I was so grateful as we moved into the house. That night we started a habit of saying prayers of gratitude every night at the dinner table.

We continued to have tough times for 2 more years, but it was easier to handle, because our gratitude helped us focus more on what we did have instead of what we didn’t haveOur faith grew. Often a week before the rent was due; we didn’t know how we would pay. Then the money we needed would show up again and again. This humbled us and our trust in God grew, giving us greater peace.

This financial challenge my family went through helped us grow in so many ways.  We learned the
outer world is constantly changing, so we discovered how to find that certainty inside of us with faith and gratitude. We discerned the difference between what we really needed and our wants, so we could save more and spend less.  Our family gained greater respect for each other as we got to experience each other’s courage and strengthsthat helped pull us through.  Also, we learned to take one day at a time, breathing and being as open as we can, so we receive the gifts and the lessons that are available. We noticed when experiencing dark times, to spend more time focused on the future we wanted to create than in the worry about what might happen.  We discovered how to access hope by remembering spring always follows winter.

We are experiencing brighter times now. We have bought a beautiful  home in the mountains. My daughter is about to graduate from college with no debt. Each of the last 2 years we have earned 3 times, what we were earning prior to Sept. 2008. How we were able to accomplish that is another story, I’ll share with you in the future.

I invite you to write your own hero or heroine story and share it with us through the contact page with the subject  “inspirational story”.


Stacy's Story

Stacy’s Story

When Stacy and I first started working together, she was struggling and feeling stressed with her financial advisory business, because she wasn’t  generating enough monthly cash flow to cover her business expenses and the household monthly expenses. Stacy wasn’t getting enough prospects, because she didn’t feel comfortable doing the marketing. She kept procrastinating on making calls and putting herself out there. Once she sat down with a person, she knew she could make a huge difference in creating their ideal retirement and financial freedom, but she wasn’t making progress on her own financial freedom.

We took the first step, getting motivated. This helped Stacy dream bigger than just getting by meeting her monthly expenses. Changing became a must when she decided to make enough money get out of debt, build her dream home, start a charity for young girls, and give more to her church.  She became clear that making a difference in people’s lives was most important to her.

We went through the exercises I share in the meditation program to build Stacy’s confidence.  She became comfortable in her own skin, relaxed, and got in the flow. She learned how to actually enjoy making calls to reach out to people, asking for referrals, and doing group presentations to generate the prospects she needed.  Of course, her business quickly grew.  She got on track to
create her financial freedom and loved making a difference in so many people’s lives.

Stacy Leake
Financial Advisor

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